E-Tape Dispenser

USD $14.00

Product Description

E-tape Dispensers

These ergonomic dispensers were designed as part of the E-tape system to provide a more efficient and comfortable method of hand taping. Suitable for use with 2" core tapes or any E-tape product.

  • Silencer Feature- no more "SCREEECH"

  • Safety Blade-  no more cuts

  • Durable, comfortable and easy to use

  • Tape won't slide off to the side



Quiet, safe, green & efficient!

  • 2" wide tape, available in clear, tan and custom printed

  • Premium quality adhesive sticks in all types of environments

  • Lower in cost than traditional packing tape

  • Eco-Friendly– reduce your tape associated waste by up to 60%

  • More tape on a roll and in a box; save on shelf space and roll changes

  • To be used with E-tape dispensers

  • The World's Best Taping System. Prove it yourself!

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