Vinyl Wristbands


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° Vinyl Wristbands
SecurLok Vinyl Wristbands are great for crowd
management and security as well as for any application
where a visual mean of identification is needed.
SecurLok Vinyl wristbands, with their premium quality
vinyl, are comfortable and durable for extended wear.
The non reusable locking plastic snaps discourages
transfer and increases security.
Our wrist bands come in a wide array of different colors
and patterns. Call us for for further details.
Security seals for all Industries and Transports – Tampering prevention systems
Vinyl Wristband
Vinyl wristbands are waterproof, more durable and
secure than Tyvek-Tech wristbands. Ideal for multi-day
use and/or rugged wear.
They feature a permanent locking plastic snap to
prevent transfer. Solid colour vinyl wristbands make it
easy to visually identify your patrons.
Free serial numbering (optional).
A logo/message can be printed on request (at extra
cost).All imprints are printed in black in the imprint
area shown on the wristband example.
Lead time is 10-12 working days from date of artwork

Carton with 500 Vinyl Wristbands
Carton dimensions: 54x20x5 cm
Carton weight: 1,4 kgs

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